Sustainable. Ethical. Unique.


Beyond the fabric


We craft into beauty what would otherwise go to waste. We defend with unparalleled passion what is ours to protect. Discover women's clothing and accessories meticulously designed and produced in Brussels using samples recovered from the textile industry.
An expression of true elegance.


At ISATIÓ, we focus on sustainability. From our experience with the industry, we saw vast quantities of waste being generated and we were determined to find an alternative. We take the robracks—samples produced by the textile industry—and we convert them into high-value consumer products. This is upcycling, the best kind of recycling. As proof of our commitment, we have been awarded "BE.CIRCULAR 2017" by the Brussel's circular economy.


We like developing our concept by following the pulse of our times. An innovative approach beyond the seasons; timeless and contemporary patterns; sometimes playful always elegant. A new kind of tailoring with refined contrasts.
An expression of identity, a certain sense of belonging.

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