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About us

Isatió as a Belgian brand promotes the know-how of this city and works in a slow fashion mood. Our products are 100% of the circular economy and upcycling textile.



Linear economy stands at simply buying, consuming short-live products and generating lots of waste. At ISATIÓ, we want to change these values with “slow-production” and offering our customers the possibility to buy local, support small brands and engage with committed initiatives. As Vivienne Westwood said, “buy less, choose well and make it last”. By doing so, we are convinced that the consumer can make a difference and trigger true change.

The workshop

We respect our customers as much as we respect our planet.

Our philosophy is to transform a negative externality (waste) into a positive externality by transforming it into a high-value product and providing an environmental solution. Our Isatió products have a very low ecological footprint. All our production is made in Brussels. We are also committed to being inclusive by working with local suppliers and artisans.



Our creative path starts by sorting out all the remnants to be reused and continues by composing new harmonic patterns, which end up becoming unique pieces. Each step in the process, from the design to the manufacture, is carried out by hand. Our work was recognized by the KANAL- Centre George Pompidou Foundation - concept store dedicated to Belgian designers.

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